FAQs for Beta Testers

What will I need to do when NDU is released commercially?

If you wish to continue using NDU, you will need to subscribe to at least one NDU data package.

Will I need to subscribe immediately?

No. NDU Beta testers will have one month of continued free usage after commercial release.

Can I subscribe at any time during that month and still get the whole month free?

Yes. You don't have to wait until the last minute. As long as you subscribe at some point during the month, you will get the whole month free.

What about my existing Premium Data subscription(s)?

You can request to have remaining Premium Data subscription time converted to additional NDU subscription time on a pro-rata basis. But please note - an extension to NDU subscription time requires that an NDU subscription has already been taken out. The NDU online Order Form will have a box that can be ticked to indicate a 'pro rata subscription conversion' request. If you expect to tick that box, have your Premium Data username ready for entry (your Premium Data username, not your NDU beta tester username that starts with "ndubeta_").

Why won't my existing Premium Data subscription(s) apply to NDU?

NDU is not an upgrade - it is an entirely new platform and service from the ground up. For stock market subscribers, it allows the data to be configured in different ways, which effectively makes it several different update services wrapped into one.

How will an NDU subscription differ from a Premium Data subscription?

There will be two substantial differences.

First - NDU will work as a subscription-only platform. If a subscription lapses, the data will no longer be accessible. Historical data will not be available as a stand-alone item.

Second - the way subscriptions are priced will be different. Premium Data has "regional" pricing. NDU will have universal pricing in US Dollars for everything except ASX Stocks, where the packages will be priced in AU Dollars. Whichever region you are in, you will see the same price in those currencies. However, for payment in a currency other than the pricing currency, the price will vary daily, in line with the exchange rate. For instance, a customer in Australia (who wishes to pay in AU Dollars) will see the price for a US Stocks subscription vary daily, in line with the AUD/USD exchange rate.

Will beta testers get a special price for being old Premium Data customers?

Yes. Each beta tester will be given a coupon code which will provide a half-price discount on an initial NDU subscription. This code will need to be entered into the online Order Form for NDU when the initial subscription is taken out.

How will I get my coupon code?

It will be sent by email as soon as NDU is released along with notice as to when the offer expires.

Will I need to re-install NDU after official release?

No. But you should get rid of any old installers that you still have. Whenever re-installing NDU, always download the latest installer from our site.

Will my beta testing username & password continue to work?

No. When you subscribe to NDU, you will need to choose a desired username. After the subscription is completed, you will see that you have a new password as well and you will need to enter these new details into NDU under Settings > Log-in Details.

Do I still send support questions to

Please direct any questions about NDU and the Norgate Data service to