AmiBroker Plugin Known Issues

Compatibility with AmiBroker v6.20.0

The Norgate Data Plugin is NOT compatible with AmiBroker v6.20.0. There was a bug in the initial release of AmiBroker v6.20.0 which was promptly fixed by the AmiBroker developers.

The Plugin does work with v6.20.1 (the current Official Release) which was made available on February 17, 2017 and can be downloaded from

MAINT in AmiBroker causes the active symbol to change

As reported to us by some AmiBroker users, an issue exists in AmiBroker relating to Norgate database maintenance.

If database maintenance involves a symbol being added to, or removed from, the AmiBroker database, the active symbol for an open chart may change to a different symbol (usually an adjacent one), requiring you to re-navigate to the desired symbol.

Similarly, the symbols in Watch Lists and Favourites may appear to have become scrambled. This can be rectified by selecting another list and then re-selecting the original list.

This issue was thought to have been resolved with the beta release of the 64-bit version of AmiBroker v6.21. However, it still gets reported to us from time to time. We do not know what factor those users who see the issue have in common.