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Norgate Data - Overview

Norgate Data provides historical daily data and "end-of-day" updates for financial market data.

We specialize in survivorship bias-free data for US, Australian and Canadian stock markets. Data is also available for selected World Futures and Forex rates.

We do not provide live quotes, delayed quotes, intra-day or "tick" data.

Data Format & Access

The data is held on a user's Windows machine (or Windows Virtual Machine) in a proprietary database format. Direct access to the database is provided by way of plugins into supported 3rd-party charting/analysis applications. In addition, it's possible to export historical price data (but not other data features) in ASCII format or MetaStock "Legacy" format. Access to the database is no longer possible if a subscription lapses.

Data updates are performed by our Norgate Data Updater application.


The service is provided on a subscription-only basis (historical data is not available as a "stand-alone" item). For Stock Market subscriptions, the extent of historical data provided depends on the subscription level.

Before subscribing ...

Check our Accessibility page to see which 3rd-party charting/analysis applications or platforms can make use of our data and to what extent.

Also, take advantage of the 3-week free trial so that you can be confident about getting what you want out of a subscription.