Norgate Data - Overview

Norgate Data provides updates for "end-of-day" financial market data (it doesn't provide live quotes, delayed quotes or intra-day "tick" data).

We specialize in data for U.S. and Australian stock markets. Data is also available for selected World Futures and Forex rates.

The service is provided on a subscription-only basis (historical data is not available as a "stand-alone" item). For Stock Market subscriptions, the extent of historical data provided depends on the subscription level.

Data Format & Access

The data is held on the user's machine in a proprietary database format. Direct access to the database is provided by way of plugins into supported 3rd-party charting/analysis applications, as listed below. In addition, it's possible to export historical price data (but not other data features) in ASCII format. Access to the database is no longer possible if a subscription lapses.

Norgate Supported Plugins

All Norgate supported plugins support access to historical index constituent information for key indices such as the S&P 500. This allows back-testing on a consistent universe of stocks over time and the avoidance of "survivorship bias".

Note: a stock market subscription at a level that provides access to delisted securities is required.


3rd-party Supported Plugins

Plugins created by 3rd-party vendors may not provide access to all of the content available in the Norgate Data database (their applications may not be able to accommodate it).

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More supported applications to come...