Norgate Data Updater Tools

Data Viewer

The historical data for any security can be viewed in table form via the Data Viewer. Click on Tools > Data Viewer and then select a Database or a Watchlist. You can search for a security by symbol or name. Once you have highlighted a security, the data will appear in table form, with data fields/columns that are appropriate to the security type.


  1. After clicking the Data Viewer icon, wait for a second or two for the module to open. Clicking the icon again will open a second instance of it.
  2. The historical data for a stock may show different values depending on how you have chosen to have it adjusted under "Data Configuration > Stocks". Also, the data for any security may look different depending on the selection for "Padding".
  3. You can use "Data Viewer" as a cross-check if viewing the data in another application suggests that a symbol might be missing from the database, or that some data might be missing or incorrect.