Norgate Data Updater Installation

To install NDU
Linking the Database to an external charting/analysis application
Changing the Database location
Installing NDU on a new machine
Database Files - approximate sizes


Windows 10 or 11 (note on ARM processors and integrating with AmiBroker)
At least 4GB of RAM.
.NET Framework 4.7.2 or higher.
Up to 13 GBs of free disk space, depending on entitlement to historical data.
A high-volume internet account with robust connectivity that can handle large downloads of historical data.
A supported charting/analysis application.
Note: After NDU has been installed, it requires a minimum of 500 MBs of free disk space on drive c: to keep functioning.

To install NDU

Download and then run the NDU installer.
Please Note: NDU is allowed to be installed on 2 machines that belong to the subscriber and are for his or her personal use.

Installation Paths

The NDU application is installed by default under the "Program Files" folder -
c:\Program Files\Norgate Data Updater.

The NDU database is installed by default under the "ProgramData" folder -
c:\ProgramData\Norgate Data

We recommend that users follow the default installation paths. If alternate paths are defined, please make sure that -
Note 1: The "ProgramData" folder may be a hidden folder on your machine. Wherever the database is installed, it can be accessed directly from NDU by way of Settings > Database Location > View Database folder contents.
Note 2: NDU is designed to be installed by a "User". It is not designed to be installed by an "Administrator" with privileged access then given to several users.

Initial Data download

The historical data will be downloaded automatically when an update is performed for the first time. This may take a long time, depending on the amount of data you are entitled to and the speed of your internet connection. Approximate file download and on-disk sizes are shown here.


After installation, the NDU application icon will appear on the Windows taskbar.

NDU Taskbar Icon

The application must remain open for automatic updates to occur (after working with the application, take care to minimise it rather than close it).

Various Start-up options can be found under Settings > Program Start-up.

Linking the Database to an external charting/analysis application

After an initial update has been performed to download historical data -

For more information, see -

AmiBroker Plug-in > Installation
RightEdge Plug-in > Installation

Changing the Database location

  1. Click Settings > Database Location and make a note of the existing location.
  2. Close NDU and any 3rd party charting/analysis applications that may access the data.
  3. Create a new (empty) folder in the desired location and give it a suitable name. Please note - the location cannot be under "Program Files".
  4. Move (or copy) all of the existing database files to the new location.
  5. Open NDU and click Settings > Database Location. Then enter the new folder path or browse to and select the new folder.
  6. Any database files not found in the new location will be downloaded with the next update.

Installing NDU on a new machine

To install NDU on a new machine, you need to run the NDU program installer.

After installation is complete, your first update attempt will download all the required historical data. However, instead of running an update straight-away, you may prefer to copy the entire contents of your existing NDU database folder over from the old machine. In particular, the "Configuration" sub-folder on the old machine will contain NDU Watchlists and Export Tasks. To check the location of your database folder, click on Settings > Database Location.

If you are currently running updates from 2 machines, and wish to install on a new one, the procedure is as follows -

Further information on this topic can be seen here.


Before uninstalling NDU, make sure that the application is closed. The uninstall procedure may be used to uninstall the application alone or the application and the database. To access uninstall, go Start > All Programs > Norgate Data Updater > Uninstall.

Database Files - approximate sizes

Database files are compressed for download.

Subscription Subscription Level Databases Download Size Size on Disk
AU Stock Market Silver Equities, Indices & World Indices 106 MB 646 MB
Gold Equities, Indices, World Indices + Extras* 206 MB 1.0 GB
Platinum Equities, Indices, World Indices + Extras* 276 MB 1.3 GB
Derivatives (add-on to any level above) ETOs & Warrants 62 MB 4.4 GB
US Stock Market Silver Equities, Indices & World Indices 786 MB 5.1 GB
Gold Equities, Indices, World Indices + Extras* 1.1 GB 6.0 GB
Platinum Equities, Indices, World Indices + Extras* 1.7 GB 8.2 GB
Diamond Equities, Indices, World Indices + Extras* 2.0 GB 9.3 GB
Forex Forex 26 MB 91 MB
Futures Futures, Futures Continuous & Cash Commodities 217 MB 2.0 GB

* Where a stock market subscription includes "Extras", these Extras are drawn from databases for Cash Commodities, Economic, Forex and Futures Continuous.