Norgate Data Updater Watchlist Library

The "Watchlist Library" feature in NDU allows users to generate and store Watchlists for use in supported charting/analysis applications. It can also be used to examine the NDU Database and tunnel into it by way of filter & search without saving the results as a Watchlist.

There are two types of Watchlists:

A Dynamic Watchlist contains items that meet a certain criteria (for instance, membership of a stock market index). As the index constituents change, so the Watchlist changes. Dynamic Watchlists are updated automatically so that the items always correspond to the defined criteria.

A Static Watchlist contains items that are user-selected. A Static Watchlist only ever changes when the user decides to add or delete items. A Static Watchlist might contain stocks that represent "My Current Holdings".

The Library provides a number of Dynamic Watchlists as pre-defined by Norgate. These pre-defined lists cannot be modified.

If you simply want to search the NDU Database, start by clicking either "Create Dynamic" or "Create Static". When finished, click "Exit" (without saving the search results as a Watchlist with a name).

Watchlist text files

NDU Watchlists are seamlessly integrated into supported charting/analysis applications. They are also available as text files in the NDU database folder under the \Watchlists\txt sub-folder. To check the location of the NDU database folder, open NDU and click on the Database tab.

Finding Watchlist Candidates

The "Create Watchlist" interface represents the NDU database in the form of an expandable tree. Once a branch of the tree is selected, various filters relevant to that branch are revealed so as to allow precise definition of criteria.

Illustration 1

This illustration shows the complete tree in expanded form, as it would be seen by a user subscribed to all markets.

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Tutorial 1

This screen recording shows the creation of a Static Watchlist holding gold-related items. There is a search for ASX listed ETFs that have "gold" in their name followed by the addition of the cash gold price in Australian dollars.

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Tutorial 2

This recording shows how to modify an existing Static Watchlist called "My Portfolio".

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Tutorial 3

This recording shows the creation of a Dynamic Watchlist that always contains the currently-listed E-mini S&P 500 futures contracts.

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Tutorial 4

This recording shows the creation of a Dynamic Watchlist according to the following criteria:

"Nasdaq or NYSE-listed operating/holding companies with a US domicile where the stock was first listed within the last month".

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