Data Packages FAQ

Some stock market packages provide history for the "last 10 years" (or 20 years). How does that work?

History is initially provided back to 1st January 10 years ago (or 20). Each year after that, on 1st January, the history extent is re-set to 10 years (or 20).

Some stock market packages include "Fundamentals". Do you provide historical data for fundamentals?

No. The information is on a latest company report basis.

What does it mean if a symbol has a prefix?

Symbol prefixes are used to identify items in the database that aren't exchange-traded. The following conventions apply -

        $ = Index
        # = Economic or Market Indicator
        % = Interest Rate
        @ = Cash Commodity
        & = Continuous Futures Contract

How are symbol overlaps between AU and US stocks handled?

By way of the country suffix ".au".
If a subscription to AU Stocks exists on its own, then the symbols have no suffix.
However, if a subscription to US Stocks is also current, then the AU stock symbols are given the country suffix ".au" to distinguish them - e.g.
US stock symbols are never given a suffix.