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NDU Change Log


Upgrade to version
The Norgate Data Export Wizard (used to create export tasks) has been enhanced. An option has been added under "Date Range Options" to allow export from a defined Start Date to the latest date.


Upgrade to version
This upgrade fixes some bugs in the Watchlist Library "Combine" feature.
Videos showing examples of how to make use of this feature (Tutorials 5 and 6) can be seen here.


Upgrade to version
This significant upgrade has quite a few aspects. Noticeable changes include -
Export Task Manager expanded to include export to MetaStock "Legacy" format.
Automatic back-up provided for "Export Tasks" and "Watchlists" folders.
More command parameters added to ndu.trigger.exe for batch file control over NDU processes.

"Under the hood" changes include -
A bug fix for unhandled exception on NDU close for users with Visual Studio installed.
Update to NDU libraries to make use of .NET version 4.7.2.
Tweaks to the database download process to make it go faster.
Tweaks to Export to ASCII to make it go faster.
Data distribution (update) routine enhanced to accommodate larger amounts of data.


Upgrade to version
An "Import" command has been added to the Watchlist Library interface to allow the creation of a Static watchlist from an external list of tickers held in a text file. For information on using Import, please see here.


Upgrade to version
Change to the logic for handling symbol overlap between AU and US Stocks (for new subscribers).
Old solution -
AU Stocks are given the .au country suffix if US Stocks are also present (US Stocks have no country suffix).
New solution -
AU Stocks always have the .au country suffix (US Stocks have no country suffix).


Upgrade to version
NDU.trigger.exe enhanced by the addition of the EXPORT parameter. Previously, an update launched via trigger was deemed to be a "Manual" update for the purpose of running export tasks after an update. "Triggered" updates and "Manual" updates are now distinguished. To run active export tasks after a triggered update, make sure to add EXPORT as a command line parameter.


Upgrade to version
Fix to "Export Task Manager" so that "Equities Delisted" is recognized as a separate database.
Fixed bug that caused Watchlist rename to fail.
Enhancement to "Data Viewer" to allow display of fractional volume (for price-adjusted Equities).
Enhancement to API and some libraries to allow integration with a wider range of 3rd-party applications/platforms.


Upgrade to version
"Export Task Manager" has been added to the "Tools" menu.
The Export Task Manager allows historical price data (but not other data features) to be exported in txt/csv format.


Upgrade to version
A "Tools" tab has been added to provide access to (initially) the "Data Viewer".
"Diagnostics" has been moved from under the "Settings" tab to the "Information" tab.


In Watchlist Library (for US Stocks subscribers) OTC Securities have been re-organized under a single entry in the navigation tree. To distinguish OTC securities that were previously major-exchange-listed, a Stock Market filter called “OTC (Previously Listed)” has been introduced under Location > Listing Exchange. This filter treats OTC as a US “exchange” for those securities that were previously exchange-listed. The filter is turned off by default.


The AmiBroker function "NorgateCurrentIndustryIndexSymbol" has been renamed to "NorgateIndustryIndexCorresponding" to better indicate its particular function. A new function called "NorgateIndustryIndex" has been added to retrieve the industry index symbol for actual index members.


In Watchlist Library, an additional category for "Volatility" was added under Stock Market Indices > Indices by Category.

In AmiBroker, the name of Group 17 was changed from "Other Index/Indicator" to "Volatility Index". Group 19 was created with the name "Other Index/Indicator" to hold those non-volatility items previously held in Group 17.


Upgrade to version
In Watchlist Library, filters for "OTC Tier" and "Company Domicile" were added to help sort OTC Securities.
Under Settings > Connection > Other, additional threading options were provided for "Database Download Method".


Upgrade to version
A bug was fixed which prevented additional default Watchlists from being recognized immediately after a US Stocks subscription was added to an AU Stocks subscription (or vice versa).
A bug was fixed which caused the Watchlist Library window to go blank after mouse-click in the Subscriber Information window.
The log-in system was enhanced to allow NDU to recognize chosen usernames that contain certain non-alphanumeric characters.


The trailing twelve month dividend per share field (ttmdivshr) has been reworked and is now calculated on the basis of ordinary dividends.  In addition, a new fundamental field has been created (ttmdivshradj) which adjusts the dividends for the effects of any capital reconstructions (splits, spin-offs etc.)  The 12 month dividend yield (divyield_curttm) is based on this new adjusted field.


NDU version upon commercial release is