NDU Change Log


Upgrade to version
In Watchlist Library, filters for "OTC Tier" and "Company Domicile" were added to help sort OTC Securities.
Under Settings > Connection > Other, additional threading options were provided for "Database Download Method".


Upgrade to version
A bug was fixed which prevented additional default Watchlists from being recognized immediately after a US Stocks subscription was added to an AU Stocks subscription (or vice versa).
A bug was fixed which caused the Watchlist Library window to go blank after mouse-click in the Subscriber Information window.
The log-in system was enhanced to allow NDU to recognize chosen usernames that contain certain non-alphanumeric characters.


The trailing twelve month dividend per share field (ttmdivshr) has been reworked and is now calculated on the basis of ordinary dividends.  In addition, a new fundamental field has been created (ttmdivshradj) which adjusts the dividends for the effects of any capital reconstructions (splits, spin-offs etc.)  The 12 month dividend yield (divyield_curttm) is based on this new adjusted field.


NDU version upon commercial release is