Norgate Data FAQ

Free Trial
Upgrading a Subscription

Free Trial

How much historical data does a free trial provide?

The last 2 years.

I've taken out a free trial. How do I actually get the data?

You need to install our Norgate Data Updater application. The application can be configured to deliver updates automatically.


How do I subscribe?

A link to our online Order Form is provided under the "Key Links" menu. Here is a direct link.

How do I renew?

Log-in to the Order Form with your username & password as an existing customer.

What payment methods are available?

We accept payments via Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard) and PayPal.

Can you convert my existing Premium Data subscription to a Norgate Data ("NDU") subscription?

Not directly.

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Upgrading a Subscription

I've subscribed to a stock market package. Can I upgrade to a higher-level package?

Yes. See under Data Packages > Stocks here.

Can I downgrade an existing subscription to a lower-level package?

No. You would need to let your subscription expire and then subscribe at the lower level using your existing account.


Can your data be licensed for re-distribution or other commercial use?

No. It can only be licensed for personal use by individuals.

How many installations are allowed?

The Norgate Data Updater ("NDU") may be installed on 2 machines, as long as both are for the subscriber's personal use.

Can I pay for additional installations?

Not when subscribing. But it can be done subsequently via My Account > Account Upgrade. Details are provided below.

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