Norgate Data FAQ

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Upgrading a Subscription

Free Trial

How much historical data does a free trial provide?

The last 2 years.

I've taken out a free trial. How do I actually get the data?

You need to install our Norgate Data Updater application. The application can be configured to deliver updates automatically.


How do I subscribe?

A link to our online Order Form is provided under the "Key Links" menu. Here is a direct link.

How do I renew?

Log-in to the Order Form with your username & password as an existing customer.

What payment methods are available?

We accept payments via Credit Card (VISA and MasterCard) and PayPal.

How many installations are allowed?

The Norgate Data Updater ("NDU") may be installed on 2 machines, as long as both are for the subscriber's personal use.

Can I pay for additional installations?

Not when subscribing. But it can be done subsequently via My Account > Account Upgrade. Details are provided below.

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Can you convert my existing Premium Data subscription to a Norgate Data ("NDU") subscription?

Not directly.

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Upgrading a Subscription

I've subscribed to a stock market package. Can I upgrade to a higher-level package?

Yes. See under Data Packages > Stocks here.